SOooOOo, I'm back to my regular day job, and I'm in an interesting position. Now that I'm back (out of convenience, not necessity) I'm thinking of how to best move on from this point. I'm looking to spend a significant amount of time serving the members of the CARMETIC family. However with growth, comes the delegation of responsibilities. I'm dedicated to good service by making sure our technicians are artisans of their craft. This isn't just a business, this isn't just a job. This is a love. A love of automobiles, and a love of service. "Time to make the donuts"   
OFFICIALLY LIVE THAT IS! This whole website thing is going to take some getting used to, I'm feeling a little exposed. But thats the point right?! For people to take notice. For them to see, hey that guy has something I want or need. In any event I'm glad to say that I've turned this dream into a reality and now I am ready to see where this new journey takes me. 

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    April 2012